Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

We strive to provide a solid, stable, and secure network of servers for our Internet, DNS, website and email hosting services. Due to this, there are a certain number of rules that must be enforced to insure that a single user does not compromise the service to others on our server or elsewhere on the internet.

We have a zero tolerance policy for any type of abuse. If we find that you have committed, or intend to commit any type of abuse or have used your account for any malevolent purpose it will be suspended and/or removed until further notice and you will not recieve any refund or credit of any fees you have paid.

In addition, if your account is used for any type of abuse, you will be assessed a clean-up charge to repair any damages you caused. This charge will be billed at $95.00/hour and will be not less than $180.00 and not more than $18,000.00.

You alone are responsible to maintain the security of your website, if you allow your website to be attacked or comprimised, we will re-secure your website and/or take it offline, at our standard rates based on the time taken.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason or for no reason at all. If you are interested in subscribing for a hosting account, please contact us for more information.

  • No cracking/hacking – of our servers, or any others.
  • No sharing accounts – No server processes – No irc bouncers.
  • No activity that could result with a server IP being blacklisted.
  • You may not act to invite a person to attack our server.
  • You may not use your account to harrass or attack any person.
  • You may not host content that is hateful to anyone.
  • You may not host content that is pornographic.
  • You may not host content that may incite violence.
  • You may not send SPAM from this server, or host any content that is advertised by SPAM from another service.
  • No activity or content associated with your account may violate any law of the State of Michigan or the United States.