Our new server is now online!

Our new server is now online!

Keeping step with our ‘every other year’ pattern, it was time to update our primary server. Although our past server, “mercury” had kept up well, it was time to move into our newest digital home. As of now, all services are being hosted on “jeremiah”!

A few top new features:

  • Linode virtual hardware, fully scalable.
  • Latest version of Ubuntu, 16.04.1 LTS.
  • MySQL 5.7, PHP 5.6, PhpMyAdmin
  • Postfix SMTP with TLS support.

As forwarding domain mail to Gmail accounts has become the new normal for most users, our new server allows SMTP server access with TLS support. This means you can now use your personal gmail account to send and receive mail from your domain name.

If you have any issues with your services, or have questions on how you can use some of the new features, please contact me anytime!


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